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If Muscles are INHIBITED

Muscles are SENSORY


A Muscle Inhibition Practitioner is a chiropractor, osteopath or physiotherapist who has studied the clinical consequences of abnormal muscle tone.

They check every muscle carefully to make sure it is receiving the correct nerve supply, not too little (inhibition) and not too much (hypertonicity).

Restoring natural strength protects us from the sprains, strains and chronic pains that are cause so much pain, disability and absence.

Once inhibition is found, treatment is designed to ELIMINATE the cause.


Clinical Skills

The Afferent Input treatment paradigm brings an accuracy to your diagnosis and treatment you never dreamed possible. Everything we teach is designed to make every patient stronger, no matter what their condition. There is no downside to strength.

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Monthly webinars means you are constantly up to date with the latest techniques and receive ongoing learning with others CPD at a very low cost.

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