Simon King

My name is Simon King. I developed the afferent input system of diagnosis and treatment to help health professionals eliminate muscle inhibition.

Muscle Inhibition is a drag on good health. It holds you back from living a normal life, free of the pain and illness that plague so many. This website helps patients learn more about muscle inhibition and find practitioners who specialise in it.

Your central nervous system has about 86 billion neurons and they are all connected to 10,000 others. That's an awful lot of connections. More importantly, the central nervous system is a processing centre, it doesn't generate the messages that control your muscles, which begs the question - where do nerve messages come from? Your central nervous system takes input from the senses and turns it into output to control the body, predominantly the muscles. Afferent Input refers to the nerve messages which feed the brain and spinal cord. Bad input creates bad output, which we find as muscle inhibition or its opposite, over-facilitation. By normalising muscle tone, afferent input practitioners allow their patients to move better, heal faster and stay well longer.